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Kristie Allan 

Excelsior Child Care

When the children engage with magnetic tiles they learn about process of inquire, how to work collaboratively and so much more. The magnetic tiles has been left out for the children to engage in for months. Every day the children extend on or create new creations. The amount of deep meaningful learning and concentration that had been observed has been truly remarkable.

Thank You.

Angelina Parisi

Giraffe Pre School

"Is a tool that offers so many possibilities to both parents and educators and it brings out the best in children. Educators will highly benefit from using it and implement it  into their program because really enjoy it"

Esther Ong 

Google Review

Great educational toy and endless creative play.I bought this for my son's birthday and he was very excited to receive it. He loves building garages for his Lego cars and planes.A great toy that even his 10 year old cousin also enjoy building with it.Easy and fun to clean up is a bonus.

Catalina Levitt Facebook

My 2.5 year old boy loves his Playmager. It can keep him entertained for hours. He has also got better at building different things and I am amazed how his concentration has improved. I wish I knew about this toy before. Highly recommended!

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